Stop the DeSantis Voter Suppression Bill: PCB-PIE 22-03 An Act Relating to Elections

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  • Creates an Office of Election Crimes and Security- that increases penalties from misdemeanors to felonies
  • Requires excessive and burdensome voter list maintenance
  • Makes the process to vote by mail even harder and increases costs for Supervisors of Elections
  • Works to make it harder and more burdensome for 3rd party organizations to register voters


  • During the 2020 presidential election, Governor Ron DeSantis touted Florida’s election process as the “gold” standard nationwide. While we can all agree that election security is of the utmost importance, these additional confusing and unnecessary steps will undoubtedly deter voters from participating in the democratic process.
  • Adding additional and duplicative identification measures which require the disclosure of private information on the certificate envelope could create fear among skeptical voters of having that information stolen. This will disproportionately deter Spanish-speaking and elderly voters who are very protective of their privacy and information. Our elections process should be clear and available to all eligible voters.
  • In a process in which any mishap or missing information is grounds for a ballot to be rejected, these measures are likely to create unnecessary confusion and could lead to mistakes that lead to voters not having their voices heard.
  • The last thing we need to be doing is adding more burdens to the franchise for voters and directives on our elections administrators that could lead to confusion and mistakes. No one wants to go back to the bad old days of elections in Florida when we have a system that works.
  • Election officials and the Secretary of State all agree: Florida’s elections are fair and secure. Since 2020, there have been a handful of instances of voter fraud prosecuted– these crimes were investigated and the perpetrators were held accountable in a timely and lawful manner. This is a clear example of a system that works thanks to the diligent work of local election officials.
  • Creating a new office solely focused on these activities is duplicative and currently lacking guardrails which could lead to a politicization of election security at a time when distrust among voters in the system is at an all-time high. We should be highlighting how safe and secure our elections systems currently are, not creating needless doubt in the minds of Floridians about whether their vote truly counts.
  • The 2022 midterm elections are the first set of elections since the changes made by SB 90. We have not yet seen the full extent of what these changes will mean for Florida voters and election officials tasked with implementing those directives. It is irresponsible and reckless to tack on further changes without considering the future challenges and consequences that lie ahead.
  • Adding to that uncertainty, we are in the middle of a redistricting process that will add further strain to elections administrators still waiting on certainty as to the district lines for which qualifying is fast approaching in an election year. Further burdening these offices is not in the public interest.
  • Florida voters came out in record numbers in 2020, including record numbers who chose to by mail. It’s unfortunate that the reward for a record turnout and a smooth election process is confusing and arbitrary impediments to Floridians’ constitutional right to vote when there have not been any flaws in the process highlighted that would have required a fix.
  • Florida voters need investments in election infrastructure and voter education efforts which will increase access and transparency in the process, not yearly logistical overhauls with considerable unintended consequences for large and small counties.
  • These measures are solutions in search of a problem and are a waste of funding when many everyday Floridians still don’t have access to quality healthcare, education, and affordable housing. Creating another police force to investigate extremely rare instances of voter fraud is an unnecessary expense that will further burden Florida taxpayers.
  • Third-party voter registration groups are a significant part of our democracy and raising the cap on fines could lead to a chilling effect on these groups and deter them from participating in civic engagement activities which leads to more voters exercising their right to participate in our democracy.

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