THC caps on the agenda in FL House on Tuesday - say no!

HB 1455 - the bill that caps THC at 10%, places a massive tax on patients, and tries to put certifying physicians out of business - has it's first hearing this coming Tuesday, March 9th in the Professions and Public Health Subcommittee of the Florida House.

If you'll remember, this is the same subcommittee that only a few weeks ago invited (non-medical) Dr. Bertha Madras to testify to the "psychosis" that high-THC marijuana can inflict upon people - and to compare marijuana to meth! For real!

Before they hear this atrocious bill, they need to hear from us - contact your State House member and tell them to oppose HB 1455 and THC caps as a GIANT tax on medical marijuana patients.

Oppose HB 1455 - THC caps is on the agenda in FL House.

Florida for Care

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